Torture is Wrong 2015

Completed in 2015, Torture is Wrong presents the viewer with a “universal truth,” assumed to be believed by everyone who lives in a free and democratic society. After the revelations of abuse at Abu Ghraib in the early 2000s, many Americans were confronted with an ugly truth. Some leaders and citizens had abandoned (and continue to abandon) a higher morality. The piece is made in the Victorian/Edwardian style of women’s needlework. Historical evidence exists of political statements made in this form in the embroideries of Janie Terrero and others who were imprisoned in Britain in 1912 for their acts as suffragettes. We are fortunate that we can speak out without suffering the indignities and cruelties meted out to those of our sisters who fought for our right to speak. Today, artists regularly honor women of the past by using embroidery and other fiber arts to make cultural, political and personal statements.