Unmade 2001

The original impetus for the “unmade” pieces came from an attempt to recreate an event from my childhood. To represent objects from the past, it occurred to me to move the objects back in time by reshaping them into their previous states. I cut apart an old wooden chair and a table with a worn finish and glued them back together into 4 x 4s and 2 x 6s. I crushed tin cans from the recycling bin under the wheels of my car, flattened them between heavy steel plates, and then soldered them together into a sheet of metal. I liked the way the objects were transformed, not just because they had appealing textures and forms, but because of the way the meaning had changed. They become at the same time about the past (memory) and about the future (death). Because all the space had been compressed and obliterated from the objects they once were, they were also about loss.