Untitled Buckham Gallery Installation 1993

I will be working with the Shelter of Flint, Inc., an emergency shelter for women in Flint. I want to create a work which uses as its materials items of necessity for all of us, like socks, towels, and cooking pans, which, when juxtaposed in various ways will create metaphors about our daily lives. After the show is over, the materials will again take on their functional use when they are donated to the shelter. The feeling many have about being overwhelmed by day to days needs to the point where there may be no avenue for rest might be represented by a bed with fans in place of a mattress and a sheet flying in the air, and a bathtub filled with electric frying pans, water slowly dripping from the faucet. Some don’t have access to that comfortable tub, that soft bed. It calls to mind the situation of art right now. Artists feel the need to make their art count for something concrete in their communities and these needs overwhelm aesthetic concerns. I want people to be moved by my work. I want the work to be thought-provoking. But then after the show I want the material to o back into the community. In a way, it will be like improv, with the audience shouting out the parameters of the next skit.